Life Insurance from Esten & Richard


Esten & Richard can provide you with piece of mind, knowing that you're covered for the future. We have access to Life Insurance markets to protect you & your family, as well as Key-Man insurance and Group Life insurance for your business. Call us today to start your planning or to review your existing insurance program.

Looking to get started? We suggest downloading our "How much insurance do I need?" questionnaire and then calling us at (401) 766-4200 to schedule a consultation.


We partner with experts in the field of Life Insurance. We can arrange an evaluation in those areas to determine your current financial picture. For most basic life insurance needs, we can actually obtain the needed information with one phone call and then mail your quote to you.

Esten & Richard Agency has carefully selected, financially sound Life insurance companies that will meet your needs. These include EMC National Life and Motorists Life.

Term Life Insurance from Esten & Richard


Term Life Insurance covers you over a given amount of time, allowing you to provide for expenses such as mortgage payments, a child's education, or long-term care for a spouse.

Universal Life Insurance from Esten & Richard


Universal Life is a permanent policy which accumulates a cash value over time. Universal Life provides excellent coverage while acting as an investment/retirement vehicle.